Knowledge Base

Set Up BandPage Widgets

1. Setup

After you sign up for BandPage, choose the Facebook account you want to edit. (NOTE) The BandPage Widgets will autopopulate with your BandPage content, so make sure you have your BandPage filled out with tracks, bio, photos, shows and more before creating a Widget for your website or blog. Then once you're in the editor, click on the BandPage Everywhere tab.

2. Choose a Widget

Whether you want to take your photo gallery with you, put your tour dates on your website, or put your music on your blog - that's what BandPage Widgets are for. Pick and choose from our Bio, Photos, Videos, Music Player, Shows, or Mailing List Widgets.

3. Customize Size & Appearance

To make BandPage Widgets fit seamlessly into your website layout, we created the simplest way to customize them. BandPage Widgets support all kinds of website layouts, being fully adjustable in size. You can also select from light and dark Widget themes as well as customize their transparencies to best fit the look and feel of your website or blog.

4. Publish

When you're ready to publish your BandPage Widgets, grab an embed code and head to your website or blog where you edit the HTML. Set it up once and never worry about it again. Create as many Widgets as you need for each of your sites online.

5. Update once from BandPage & watch it update on your website or blog

Any time you want to update your content, log into your BandPage editor to make your changes. Update once, watch them update across your sites online in real time.