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BandPage Store

The BandPage Store is a one-stop shop to syndicate your commercial offers across the web to your fans. Artists can offer virtually anything they have for sale to their fans across our commercial partner network.

Starting a Store

To get your BandPage Store up and running, go to the “Profile” tab in the BandPage Editor, and choose “Store” from the left side menu. After you've opted in, you're ready to add offers.

The videos below can walk you through creating the different kinds of offers.

Offer Types


We all know what merch is, but don't be afraid to stray from just selling your band's t-shirt! Some great examples include signed setlists, custom socks, and gig-used guitars.

In-Person Experience

An In-Person Experience is just that — a moment that involves meeting your fans face-to-face. Common examples include VIP meet & greets, private house concerts, or even just getting a meal with a fan!

Online Experience

Online Experiences are great because they aren't limited by a location — fans can experience your offer from anywhere, even at the same time. We've seen everything from online guitar lessons to skype concerts to songwriting collaborations happen online.

Anything You Can Dream Up!

The BandPage Store is limited only by your imagination. Offer your fans a chance to buy personalized merch, a custom voicemail message, mp3s, or whatever suits your style.

Fan Checkout Options

When you create offers on BandPage, we can handle checkout, or you have the option to link to items that already exist in other stores.

  • External Offers link fans to sites other than BandPage for checkout and purchase.
  • BandPage-hosted offers feature checkout on BandPage, with transactions handled by PayPal, and fulfillment by you.

What offers should I create?

For a moment, think about your fans. They're all people who like your music, but that's where the similarity ends. Some are just discovering you. Others are super fans that have been with you since the beginning. Some want to connect in person or online, others geek out at the merch table at your shows. You want to offer a spectrum of offers that appeals to all of them, while still reflecting who you are, creatively.

We think it's important to have at least one offer in each of the following 5 categories:

  1. Low cost item — like an mp3, stickers or buttons
  2. Apparel — your latest t-shirt or hat
  3. Personalized — something signed, and maybe one of a kind
  4. An awesome experience — in-person, limited in quantity, that fits your personality
  5. Online — for anyone, anywhere. Personal, but not physical.

Here are some successful offers we've seen, and a rough price range for different artists.
Choose what sounds great to you:

  • Online Lesson 1-on-1 ($75 - $200)
  • Pre-Show Soundcheck Access ($75 - $200)
  • Signed Handwritten Lyrics ($15 - $75)
  • Vinyl Bundle ($40 - $75)
  • Personalized Acoustic Cover - Buyer's Choice ($150 - $1,000)
  • T-shirt ($15 - $35)
  • House Concert (event cost: $500 - $5,000)
  • Signed Instrument ($500 - $5,000)
  • Band Logo Sticker ($5)
  • Cameo or Credit in your next Music Video ($100 - $1,000)
  • Songwriting Workshop ($75 - $200)
  • Bowling with the Band ($100 - $500)

Promoting Experiences

Why is it important to promote my experiences?

Fans usually know where to find your music, and probably your merch, but talking up your experiences helps ensure your fans know about the new ways they can support and interact with you. A handy checklist for promoting your experiences:

  1. Tell fans on your blog and through your mailing list
  2. Share them on your social networks
  3. Ask your fans to recommend and share them with their friends
  4. Ask your manager, publicist, and other bands you’re friendly with to help share
  5. Talk about your experiences at your live shows
  6. Think of non-musical sites and media that line up with the subject of your experience — for example, original artwork could be interesting to art-related websites
  7. Think about advertising support (such as boosting a Facebook post, etc.), especially for high value experiences

Common Questions

Why should I use BandPage?

Wider Coverage

Offers in the BandPage Store reach fans and listeners across a variety of partner platforms, such as Shazam and Rhapsody. If you'd like to syndicate your offers to these platforms, set up your BandPage offers, and we'll help you reach your fans.


In addition to traditional merch, BandPage enables you to sell VIP experiences, Artist meet & greets, Soundcheck parties, and Skype concerts.

A suite of artist tools, totally free

BandPage offers a suite of business tools that help you to reach your fans in meaningful ways on the web. Just a few of the features you receive with a free BandPage profile: a comprehensive set of widgets (Store, Events, Mailing list, Videos and more), a free customizable website, a much-loved Facebook app, and integrations with SoundCloud and YouTube for music streaming.

Does BandPage provide merch fulfillment services?

Not at this time. BandPage-hosted offers are fulfilled by the artists who create them. We provide the system that helps you manage the sale of your merch. But remember, if you already work with a merch fulfillment service, you can still add your merch to the BandPage store as an “external offer”.

For more answers, check out our Help Center, or Contact us.