Knowledge Base

BandPage on Facebook

1. Set up an account

It’s easy to get started on BandPage - we use Facebook Connect to pull in your musician Page so that you can start editing immediately. After you sign up for BandPage, choose the Facebook account you want to edit. Then once you’re in the editor, click on the BandPage tab.

2. Fill out your BandPage profile

Go into the Content Editor and first add your tracks - BandPage supports both SoundCloud and YouTube. Then fill out your bio and add videos, shows, and upload your photos.

3. Customize the Appearance of your BandPage

Customize the look of your page, from adding a banner to choosing page colors to match. Fully customize colors, images and fonts with easy to use editing tools.

4. Pick and Choose From Our Social Tools

BandPage offers great tools like custom banner links and a mailing list for fans.

5. Publish

Click "Publish" and your completed BandPage will be published as a tab on your Facebook fan page. It’s that easy.