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Madison, Wi
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Shawn Tallard's conception began when a high-powered drum-set and a leggy electric guitar fell in passionate love at a rock concert. Upon Shawn's birth, the attending Physicians sang an A Capella rendition of "All You Need Is Love" in 5 part harmony, but the Anesthetist was Judo-chopped on the shin when Shawn heard that she was slightly sharp. At that point, word spread of the Judo-chopping infant with such musical inclinations.
His 6-string Mother was made proud when his first words were "I Love You Mother, but alas, I have a calling to which I must respond" and much like the Lorax, he hoisted himself by the seat of his pants, and flew up through a hole in the clouds.
Many years later he would return to serenade the ears of the world with a singular philosophy: Life should kick ass, and so should your soundtrack.

Listen. Dream. Rock.

(all music/lyrics copyright Shawn Tallard 2011).