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Corinne Marcus & Kindred Spirits is a popular eclectic rock band based in the San Francisco Bay area. True to its name, the band creates and performs original music that blends each member's individual style into a unique, funky Lilith rock sound.
Formed in 2009 after Corinne released her self-produced album "Acrobat," the group is comprised of highly accomplished musicians and songwriters: Corinne is lead singer and songwriter; Dennis Harper is on bass and vocals; John Kasten on guitar; and Larry Marcus on drums. Founding member Mark Jeffery co-wrote some of the band's trademark songs while saxophonist Gary Zimmerman and guitarist Jack Foster occasionally lend their musical talents to the group.
The songs encapsulate social commentary, love, nostalgia and self-discovery, taking advantage of Corinne's moody vocals and memorable tone. Fans have described the catchy melodies as "original and refreshing."