Bizar Bazar

Bizar Bazar

Triora, IT
  • Gypsy,punk,rock,metal


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Once upon the time there was a ginger metal kid, with the ears, the hands and the heart full of music and the need to express it. Italy wasn't the right place to do so. He moved to Oakland, California, and with the help of Snake Green as producer (Skinlab, Re:Ignition) started a one-man-band project that later became Bizar Bazar. His songwriting was influenced by bands like Megadeth, Faith no More, Gogol Bordello and obscure traditional pagan italian folk songs... The energy between the ginger metal kid, who soon became Fabian Vestod and Snake was so powerfull that, even without a band they decided to enter the Different Fur Studios in San Francisco to record the first Bizar Bazar album: lots of different artists from the Bay Area Metal scene got involved in the project, and the Italian guitarist Joey Tassello crossed the ocean to perform lead guitars. “Circus Metal Maniac” was born: thirteen tracks of insane, addictive rock and metal. Soon after the recording session Fabian Vestod decided to explore different music journeys: he started many collateral projects, from black metal stuff till deep folk-cave music. A kaleidoscopic attitude that reflects his adventurous life, fisherman in Norway, vagabond in New York, English teacher in Italy, traveller in Central America, heartbroken bar tender in Australia, just to name some of his experiences. But Bizar Bazar was still alive, burning like ember under the ashes, and as soon as he moved back to Italy and found the right gang of musicians (current line up:Fabian Vestod – vocals&guitars, Fabrizio Sodaro - guitars,Simone Merlenghi – drums, Sandrino- bass) to perform Circus Metal Maniac, they were back on the road, performing live shows, getting a great deal of good feedback from national and international press and, to celebrate the return of Bizar Bazar they decided to record a new version of Megadeth's Sweating Bullets with the precious work of Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Evile, Samael, Amorphis etc) followed by the video clip that was premiered through Metal Shock Finland. Now Bizar Bazar is stronger than ever, currently the band is performing intense live shows already playing new material

Bio written by friend and writer Orso Jacopo Tosco