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Bizar Bazar is a strange story to tell.
It was around 2005 when I started writing music for this band.
The project went from song writing to final self produced cd.
Considering that rationality does not lead inside of me, and also excusing myself for being an artist born under the sign of the acquarius, when Bizar Bazar should have had the chance to get out to the public, lunatic issues took me to a different plane, making me hungry for different music dropping the idea of carry on with Bizar Bazar.
Now, after 7 years from its birth, I want to give Bizar Bazar the chance it actually deserves and I’m happy to say that there is an existing band riding the horse with me.
The new band is based in Turin (Italy), so far rehearsals brought positivity and excitement.
Looking ahead we’ve been talking about future planes for the band and definitely see live shows and promotion for "Circus Metal Maniac".

Bizar Bazar is:
Fabian Vestod – guitar and vocals;
Joey Tassello – guitars;
Alice Lane – Bass;
Simone Merlenghi – drums

I also want to take the chance to thank again the great people who made this record possible giving me their time and effort back then : Steve "Snake" Green (producer, sound engineer, bass), Joey Tassello (lead guitar), Glen Telford (mojo man), Ted Schram (speaker man), Biachi (back vocal) Steve Esquival (back vocal), Jason kocol (bandoneon), Mark Hernandez (additional percussions), Strephon Taylor( lay out), Duane Ramos (additional engineering), Dario Mollo (additional drums recordings), Elvio Bianco (photos), Elena Campisi (art work and logo), Marco Belfiore (illustrations), Ajumi Sughioka(back vocal).

Fabian Vestod