The Ludlow Thieves

The Ludlow Thieves

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Danny Musengo left Iowa for New York City to dedicate himself to music after a terrible car accident claimed the lives of several people, including the man he thought was his father, and left him the sole survivor. He’d grown up singing gospel songs and knew that music was where his heart was. Musengo met producer and guitarist Dan Teicher, and the two began crafting lush soundscapes that married Musengo's stories with Teicher's songwriting. The Ludlow Thieves

​was created in 2012, ​and now​ includes​ ​Laura Martin, Isamu Mcgregor, Amando Lo and Bruno Esrubilsky. T​ogther t​hey make big music touching on roots​ of​ rock, classical, folk and gospel (or as they describe it, “the energy of roaring lions and lovemaking llamas channeled through a gospel singer from Iowa”). While untethered to a record label, the Ludlow Thieves rise, having headlined and sold out The Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg in NYC, scoring an Adidas World Cup commercial ​featuring​ Kanye West, and having their music ​placed in the broadcast of The World Series.