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Bruce Springsteen is a prominent American musician, songwriter and political activist who has been producing well-regarded pop music for nearly forty years. He is best known for his honest and heart-felt songs, filled with details drawn directly from his own biography, and his incredible live shows. His music has been recognized with 20 Grammys and 2 Golden Globe awards. He also won the 1994 Academy Award for his song "Streets of Philadelphia," which was featured in the film Philadelphia. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. Record industry experts estimate that he is the 15th-highest selling musician in the history of recorded music. Bruce Springsteen was born to a working-class New Jersey family in 1949. His formative experiences with the Catholic Church and the working poor of the Jersey Shore has informed his music since its inception. Springsteen began playing clubs around New Jersey in the 1960s, garnering some attention but not landing any solid industry backing. In the early 1970s he began to assemble the members of what would become the E Street Band, the famous rock ensemble that backed him for many of his biggest hits. The band rented a house in Asbury Park, which was then a seriously poverty-stricken area, and began to play club shows legendary for their intensity and popularity. This brought him to the attention of Columbia Records, and the rest is history. Anthems like "Born in the U.S.A." and "Born To Run" made him a household name, and his music is synonymous with the 1980s. As he matured, his music changed to reflect a more secure, stable perspective, but he continued to turn his attention to important social issues of the day. He has been an outspoken advocate on issues like the end of the death penalty, tolerance for different creeds and sexual orientations, and the dignity of the American worker.